Posted by: saabnuts | January 31, 2010

Saab Celebration Convoys

Saab Club of Western Canada, Vancouver Celebration Convoy

I’m still amazed at the shows of dedication and support for Saab continuing around the world. I feel like I am going to miss a Saab Saved celebration if I don’t make sure to keep up at Saabs United and elsewhere!

I hope that the press / media makes an effort to recognize the loyalty and support in the air for Saab. I hope that people who don’t otherwise know that Saab is alive will take notice and consider buying a Saab. It’s not an ordinary car brand, that develops this kind of dedicated following.

Have a look at some of the photo albums, keeping in mind that I am not even coming close to covering the number of support celebrations, just a few recent ones.

Israel Saab Saved Celebration Photos: and Saabs United coverage of this 30+/- car event

Saab Club of Western Canada (Vancouver) Photos: a dozen or so dedicated folks in typical Vancouver weather. Saabs Uinted’s coverage is here and includes a very nice report from SU commenter, SaabKen.

An earlier celebration with around 30 Saabs was also held in Ghangzhou, China, with photos here.

Nice job everyone! So cool to see your photos and know that there is so much support for this great brand and the people who make Saabs.

Saabs future MUST be bright and full of promise with such a following.

I will also repeat for anyone who may listen, I am with others who hope that Saab has more affordable models but also hatchbacks with the capacity of older 99 and original / classic 900’s. We need something that adequately can replace an “OG” (Original generation) 9-3 hatch models. Please.

"OG" or Original Generation SAAB 9-3 hatchback, circa 2002

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