Posted by: saabnuts | December 31, 2009

SAAB Support Convoy

Hello again,

If you are a SAAB fan looking to show your support of SAAB while GM weighs the decision to sell SAAB you might want to join us for a SAAB Support Convoy.

Many people are organizing SAAB convoys next week (1/7/2010) (to GM headquarters in Detroit) as well as worldwide on Sunday, January 17th 2010.

We won’t be able to join the 1/17 convoys but are looking for people who might want to do a weekend convoy before 1/17.

Please leave a comment if in Connecticut and interested. We are looking at a trip somewhere near Hartford county (west of Hartford), Litchfield county and possibly Western Massachusetts. Perhaps a loop around the State Capital is in order for this convoy to obtain media attention for Saab.

International SAAB Convoy

Links to people interested in a Detroit (and other) convoys:

Other Local / Global Convoys:—join-in.html#comments

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